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About The Bookslingers

Miss Maiar Miss Maiar (née Arien) is an SFU graduate (BA, English Lit/History) and a library tech. She lives in (and comes from) Vancouver, and after living other places is pretty sure she's going to have to live here for the rest of her life, because nowhere else quite compares. She is of geeky disposition, upbringing, and descent (if you couldn't tell from her first name - which was taken from the Silmarillion), and is very grateful to her parents for all of these things.

Her dearest ambition is to one day be a published author and actually manage to live off the proceeds of such, though at present this is a dim and distant goal, owing mainly to the reluctance of publishing houses to accept manuscripts that aren't actually finished yet. First she will get a proper job, and perhaps take over some small but crucial information organization that allows her time to muck about on the Internet all day to good purpose and for pay. And buy a house with a yard for a dog (once she crawls out from beneath her personal mountain of student loan debt), because once you've lived with a dog, it's hard to do without.

Miss Maiar Miss Corene was born in the wilds of Northern Alberta and was once chased by an angry moose. She is also a professional key misplacer, internationally recognized champion of Reading While Walking Without Smacking Into Light Posts, and tea-drinking fanatical reader.

Dangerously overeducated, Miss Corene knows much too much about the influence of the Ballets Russes on Golden Age Parisian pillow coverings. She graduated from the University of British Columbia's Master's of Library and Information Studies in 2010 and would like everyone henceforth to refer to her as "The Master."

And yes, she is a bit of a Doctor Who fan.

Miss Corene also reviews mystery books at Cozy Crime Time

Pekoe Pekoe (AKA: Her Highness Princess Pekoe Faildog Brown) is (probably) an Aussie Shepherd/Border Collie mix who was a rescue from the Vancouver City Animal Control Shelter in February of 2009. Her past is a misty uncertain tale of tragedy, adventure, and triumph. At least until she very likely rolled over to show her belly and was taken in by a Chilliwack shelter as a young pup. Pekoe convinced Corene to take her home by coming off all sweet, calm and demure in the shelter and waiting until brought home to reveal her true self (pillow-eating, book-chewing, valiant).

Pekoe Pekoe is a very vocal and articulate dog (as she would say, A MASTER OF COMMUNICATION), to the point of running her own Twitter and blog, where she tells of her many exploits against rogue towels, porcupines, duplicitious socks, her mortal enemies Bobo the Pomeranian and Jack the Ripper (a Jack Russell Terrier with a distinct lack of social skills), and the invisible ninjas that only she can see.


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