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Review Policy

The Bookslingers are two library professionals/aficionados who love books and throwing them at people. In a (mostly) figurative way.

We are open to review requests for children's books in all genres, including non-fiction. If we like the cut of its jib, we may also be interested in review adult fiction. We are also happy to interview writers and host contests on our blog.
What does a Bookslingers review look like?  When a book is reviewed by the Bookslingers, it is posted on our blog and our Goodreads account. Our reviews reflect our opinions and the opinions of our guest reviewers. They are often written with a comic slant and bring up both the positive and the negative sides of the book. However, if we do not like a book, we will not be shy about saying so. 

Books may be reviewed by more than one reviewer.
How long does it take the Bookslingers to write a review? We strive (with varying degrees of success) to review books within the month of receiving them. If there are time constraints with regards to the release of the book, we will try and accommodate them to the best of our abilities. However, we reserve the right to delay reviews until we have the time to do them justice.
Where do we get our books? The Bookslingers are huge fans of the library, so we try to get all of our materials from our public libraries. If publishers or authors would like to send ARCs for review, we will accept them with pleasure (and little dances at the post box) and note this in our review.

How do I get a hold of the Bookslingers? Contact us by e-mail at