Google+ Bookslingers Blog: Blogpost of abject failure

Blogpost of abject failure

Soooo. Adoring readers. How are you today? Feeling chill? Feeling happy?

...Feeling patient?

Vacations are lovely things. At least in theory. Here in Vancouver we've had a nice two weeks off while the Olympics are in town, free from school, work, or other constraints. Unfortunately a vacation is never quite as long as you want it to be. Now our vacation is nearly at an end, and we return to school/work/real life on Monday morning (woe is us) and Bookslingers? Bookslingers is not quite ready for all of that.

The essence here is that your humble founders, Miss Corene and myself, have just not used our two weeks of Olympic vacation as well as we might have done. Perhaps we were too ambitious. Perhaps fate intervened.

The Bookslingers mascot does not want vacation to be over, either.
( Also, she is a tiger.

The good news is that all the basic functions of the site are set and working. (Hooray!)

The bad news is that we have not met the minimum number of complete reviews we decided we had to have to officially launch the site. You could call this failure (like me). You could, like Miss Corene, call it delayed gratification.

Whatever works best for you.

So: a postponement. We said we'd have one hundred complete reviews before we launched; we have... well, less than that. For the moment, since school's about to start up again and swallow both of us whole, we hope to run the beta in March. And while it's possible we may launch with only a month's delay (not very possible), we expect to actually launch in May, because let's not fool ourselves: neither of us is particularly good with deadlines. Or rather, we love the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.

Watch this space.