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Graceling: the best butt-kicking girl of them all.

I'd like to celebrate the second day of by reviewing a fabulous book. Luckily, I have one near at hand!

Graceling, by Kristin Cashore, was recommended to me by a friend during our last ill-advised trip to a Kidsbooks sale. I admit, I doubted her hand-wavy praise of this book (I have become cynical) but I was wrong. Graceling is a fabulous, magnificent book. I want to read it three more times. And then make everyone else read it. And talk about it all the time. (Just ask everyone who's had to spend time with me for the last week.)

Seriously, go read it right now. But if you need more convincing in regards to this book with a well-rounded female protagonist, a believable and un-infuriating heterosexual relationship in a fantasy novel, and the just general sheer awesomeness of the characters, go check out our review, which contains several more enthusiastically positive adjectives, plus some actual information.

In the spirit of butt-kicking girls (and in honour of our first week with a more-or-less-functioning site), tomorrow Miss Corene and I will be recording our first podcast. I have no idea how regular a thing these will be (or how interesting you may actually find them), but we're giving it a try anyway. Watch this space for Bookslingers Podcast #1: Books About Butt-Kicking Girls.

It'll be awesome. Really.

Read the Bookslingers Review of Graceling.