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Soulless: The Manga

Soulless: The Cleavaging
Soulless: The Manga - Gail Carriger (words) & Rem (pretty, pretty pictures)

That was a lot of cleavage.

Mind you, it was some of the nicest and best adapted cleavage I've seen.

Soulless: The Manga is the first adaptation of the clever mystery/Jane Austen does vampires/bodice-ripper in the Parasol Protectorate series by Gail Carriger. Alexi Tarabotti suffers from many afflictions: Her vapid mother, her tediously fashionable sisters, her friend Ivy Hisslepenny's taste in hats, almost certain spinsterhood, bothersome werewolf Lord Maccon and an unfashionable lack of soul. With a ton dominated by stylish vampires, Alexia's soul deficiency and ability to nullify the supernatural powers of anyone she touches puts her at a distinct disadvantages in polite Victorian society.

But being Alexia, she will manage splendidly. Or if not splendidly, cleavage-rifically.

What an adaptation this is.

Rem's light touch and stylistic brilliance are perfectly suited to the flippant comedy of manners. She even managers to make the *ahem* intimate scenes more palatable.

Soulless is a book with the least sexy sex of all the sex (Blogbots: This is not the blog that you are looking for). Scouts honour (though Scouts should really not be thinking of these matters yet), I had to read a certain section over before I realized that certain characters were engaged in exercising conjugal relations in a carriage. Twice. No making that mistake in the manga.

Witty, pretty and well, Lord Akeldama, the book and manga are both highly recommended. Especially for those who love a good cup of tea and joke at the expense of the Scottish.