Google+ Bookslingers Blog: Are you a Bird or a Squirrel?

Are you a Bird or a Squirrel?

Can you guess who is the most fun on road trips?
Depending on how many cups of tea I've had, I can go either way.

Bird has goggles. Bird loves adventures. Bird does not worry about things like where you're getting your next meal. Bird does not worry about cat.

Squirrel worries about everything. In fact, I'm pretty sure that Squirrel has worried himself blue.

While gathering acorns to prepare for winter, Squirrel sees Suicidally Optimistic Bird about to be eaten by feral Garfield. Squirrel sacrifices all his delicious acorns to save Bird and in return, Bird gives Squirrel the greatest gift of all: Dangerous adventure in the great unknown.

Except Squirrel doesn't think this is such a swell gift. But the return desk at the Life Changing Experience Mart of the Narrative Forest is closed and instead we get BFF ROAD TRIP!

Bird & Squirrel is like an awesome middle grade Thelma and Louise graphic novel. But instead of escaping the oppressive patriarchy and existential ennui, Bird and Squirrel are running from the cat who wants to eat them. And not metaphorically.

Funny, charming and sweet, Bird & Squirrel is an adventure worth strapping on your acorn helmet for.