Google+ Bookslingers Blog: Books I Have Bawled Through - 2013 Edition

Books I Have Bawled Through - 2013 Edition

Welp, The Boy on Cinnamon Street by Phoebe Stone is officially my first tearjerker of 2013. And we are ... 3 days into the year.

Start strong, wibble on.
I want her shoes so much - ever if they are covered in tears

When Thumbelina (formerly Louise) Terrace orders from Palomeeno's Pizza after selling her balance beam, she gets more than cheesy deliciousness. Stuck underneath the door there's a letter from a secret admirer:

I am your biggest fan.

With her friend Remi cheering on and her bookish brother Henderson offering analysis when not writing his sci-fi robot romance, Louise navigates the possibility of her first love (who may or many not be the Kerouac-reading pizza delivery boy). But the deeper mystery is why one year ago Louise quit gymnastics and can't remember anything about the night of her mother's death. Or anything about her mother at all.

Exquisite heartbreak that's perfect for fans of Linda Urban via E.L Konigsburg holding hands with Stephanie Perkins.

Also flippin' delightful

If you need me, I will be wiping the tears from my glasses.