Google+ Bookslingers Blog: So Much Love: Only One Year by Andrea Cheng

So Much Love: Only One Year by Andrea Cheng

Only One Year is a special little book about love. The sacrificial love that parents can have for their children. The love between sisters. The love from afar of grandparents and aunt and uncles and cousins. And love that travels over oceans to family members who are far away.

"China is better for little children," she explains. "In China Di Di will have Nai Nai and Auntie Jing and Uncle Tao and so many cousins to watch him."

"But here he has us," I say.

Sharon is shocked when her parents tell her that they are sending her two-year-old brother Di Di far across the ocean to China to live with his grandparents. She can't understand why her parents are taking her brother away. And what will the other kids at school say when they learn her brother was sent away? And when he comes back, will he remember her family?

Only One Year by Andrea Cheng is published by the amazing Lee & Low Books and illustrated by Nicole Wong. It is a wonderful story that normalizes the experiences of some readers and shares a new experience for others.  

Only One Year is a sweet little book full of love.