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The Poison Diaries: The Grimm-ening

The Poison Diaries: Nightshade by Maryrose Wood
This book... went places. Unexpected places. Unpleasant places.

It was like your parents told you that you were driving to Disneyland and you immediately jumped in with your emergency backpack of stuff (who didn't have one of these? I had about three emergency bags in case of flood, fire, and dirigible explosion over Northern Alberta).

And you're driving down the highway and you see the turn off for Disneyland.

"There's the turn off! Put on your blinker! Shoulder check! Merge politely into the turning lane. Wait. Why aren't you indicating? Why aren't we turned?"

And then your parents turning around but they aren't really your parents. They are your lizard parents and they hiss through their sharp triangular teeth: "We are going to THE SHOE STORE."


Except, in book form. With more opium.

It's an extremely dark fairy tale about crushing innocence and hope with a mortal and pestle. Beautiful prose because it's Maryrose Wood but a bit Grimm (heh. See what I did there?) for my tastes.