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Your Morning Peruse

Still reading The Edge of Nowhere. I think I have it figured out! Wait. Maybe that clue in the forest actually meant.... BRB. Reading.
Via Flagdemoness
 This gif perfectly captures my feelings about the end of The Hobbit movie. And I suspect anyone who has read the books.

100 Scope Notes illustrates 3 Gifts That Should Never Be Given (Give Books Instead). (Pfuit. Whatever. I love mugs. I mean, I love books. But I also love mugs in which you can put tea and then drink while reading books).

Vote for your favourite YA book of the year in the 2013 Teen Choice Book of the Year Awards. There is a bewildering amount of choice.

Love this: 15 Perfect Tea and Book Pairings. And look! All those teas from which to drink from the mugs you have received as gifts.