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Future Slings

This is going to be a sweet couple of months.
Release date: May 7th
Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong is a collaboration between Prudence Shen and Faith Erin Hicks. Both of whom are awesome. It is currently being serialized here and both Bookslingers give it two enthusiastic slings. There are killer robots. Go now. We can wait.

March 5th
Linda Urban, one of Miss Corene's favourite authors because she writes quiet kids like no one else, is coming out with The Center of Everything. 

April 2nd
The second Fair Assassin book by Robin LaFevers (sequel to Grave Mercy) is looking pretty fierce.

April 2nd

Lucy Knisley, possibly the most talented graphic artist/cartoonist/drawing person out there, details her culinary exploits. Guaranteed to make you hungry.
April 2nd
Stolen Magic by Stephanie Burgis is the third book in the ridiculously charming Incorrigible Series. So charming, people. So charming.
March 5
Miss Corene's favourite cozy mystery series (it's about tea! And tea!) has a new offering: Sweet Tea Revenge. SPOILERS: Tea will be served.
March 26th
Words that Miss Corene's credit card fears more than any other: NEW MAISIE DOBBS MYSTERY! Pre-ordering so fast. So fast.