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Review: Sprinkle With Murder

Being a small business owner is tough. Much more so for Melanie Cooper who has just opened the Fairy Tale Cupcakes bakery with her best friend, Angie DeLaura. There's a rival bakery owner who has decided to become a full-time creep by driving past their shop in her delivery van all day long. And Mel and Angie's long-time friend, Tate, has an awful fiance who is bound and determine to own Mel's cupcake recipes and break up their friendship.

Then Tate's awful fiancee is found dead with one of Mel's cupcakes in her hand. The police seem to think that Mel looks awfully good for the crime.

I am a big Jenn McKinlay fan. Her Library Lover's Series is close to my heart (small town librarian solves crimes with best friend who is a children's librarian? I will take ten) so I was thrilled to learn that she has another one on the go. When does she sleep?

Mel is an incredibly sympathetic main character. She was a larger girl growing up and dealt with her fair share of body issues. She was a high flying marketing exucutive who threw it all away when she realized that she was miserable. And instead, she makes cupcakes with her best friend. DREAM JOB (except that I am rubbish at baking).

There are a few odd things (highlight for spoilers): How and why would someone get engaged to someone and not remember it and then still go through with it? Even if you were the nicest person in the world, wouldn't you... Ask? Or attempt to break it off?

The resolution is visible from a mile off (or 1.6 kilometers) but it's a pleasant drive getting there. Tate, Mel and Angie are close friends who trade classic movie quote and are supportive of each others goals (Huzzah for male-female friends!). The baddies are bad, the goodies are not so good as to be annoying.

Sugary escapism at its most delicious.