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Romance and Smoochies: The Experience

So, this weekend I read my first romance novel.

Weirdly enough, the male model is not actually wearing a kilt.
I have never read a romance novel before.

Let me be perfectly clear: This is not because romance novels are inherently "lesser" or shameful or that there is anything laudable about not reading romance novels.

Romance novels are amazing. There are many stories of empowered ladies taking their sexuality into their own hands (heh) and it is a fascinating feminine literary space with so much variety that everyone can find something to pique their ... interest. There are also nipple swords.

But for a variety of reasons, I just never picked one up. So inspired by Smart Bitches and several fantastic friends as well as being challenged as a librarian to read outside my comfort zone, I picked one up.

Bad Boys in Kilts by Donna Kauffman (which I keep typing as Bad Boys in Quilts for some reason. Possibly because that sounds like a book full of soup and snuggling as a blizzard rages outside your cabin in Vermont) is a collection of three short stories surrounding hot Scottish brothers (each hotter than the last) in the remote Scottish village of Glenbuie.

There is the mechanic and the pub owner who have some shenanigans on a pool table, some verrah unprofessional business meetings between the distillery owner and the web designer and a writer who drives into a wall and the shepherd (for reals!).

In brief(s) (heh):
- There were a lot of nipples
- A whoooooooooole lotta nipples
- Those nipples tightened a lot. That sounds like it hurts.

It was a light, fluffy romp (heh) of a book. Not having any understanding of the genre, I can't really provide anything in the way of critical review.

But I can say that after reading it, I wanted to take a trip to Scotland a drive my rental car into a wall. In a good way.