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Greetings & Salutations

Bookslingers is the three o'clock in the morning, sitting around the kitchen table wasting time when we should have been sleeping, brilliant idea of Miss Maiar and Miss Corene.

On this auspicious and propitious day (well, early morning to be exact), our glorious founders, library & information studies and library tech students, were drinking tea and eating stale biscuits supping on foie gras over a bottle of expensive port when a world-changing conversation occurred.

The Foundation of Bookslingers!
(Slightly abridged)
(Suitable for audiences everywhere, except maybe Miss Maiar)
Miss Maiar: Prithee, great and wonderful Miss Corene from whom flows the fountain of all knowledge, do you like books?
Miss Corene: Verily, Miss Maiar, that I do. My overpoweringly large brain doth devour the pages of many books at great speeds that astound the average being. I am like a rampaging vampire of text. I have also noticed that despite your slightly smaller intellect, you also enjoy books. 
Miss Maiar: Indeed, I have many books and they doth overwhelm my bookshelf.

Miss Corene: Indeed. We should probably go to IKEA and pick up another bookcase. Something in the Billy line. Where's the catalogue?

Miss Maiar: Methinks you used it to slay the wicked wasps that drift into our apartment.

Miss Corene: Dickens' Longjohns!

Miss Maiar: Did you just say what I thought I heard you just say?

Miss Corene:
 This is the adapted version. I may have said differently on the night of.

Miss Maiar:
Very well. Do you not, O Athena of the Lower Mainland, have many wise opinions?

Miss Corene: Indeed, opinions I do have. They flow like the mighty Peace through the best parts of Canada.

Miss Maiar
: Alberta is silly. But I add that I also have many opinions that I would like to share with the greater world who may benefit from the hours that we have spent reading books. As a sort of humanitarian thing.


Miss Maiar & Miss Corene: We should start a YA and JUV book recommendation website with a customizable search engine with reviews and links to similar works and a really rocking banner designed by Lynn Lau

And it happened exactly like that.

I'm thinking we'll adapt it for stage, maybe start off-Broadway and then see what happens...

But until the royalties start pouring in, Bookslingers remains as our site where we sling books (metaphorically unless we find you with a book in hand and you've signed our waiver) of the young adult, teen, juvenile and tween variety because adult books are boring.

We are, officially respectively, a Master's of Library and Information Studies student (Miss Corene) and a Library Technician student (Miss Maiar, who also goes by Arien) with a passion for YA and Juvenile literature and a want to share, spread and celebrate books.

We also have a secret patriotic plan to promote both Canadian authors and Canadian books as they are few and far in-between and also, awesome.

We are planning the launch of our site on March 1st, 2010 and until then, will be busy writing reviews, writing code (Well, Miss Maiar will be busy writing code) and publishing our exploits on this blog and our Twitter account. Feel free to friend us or watch the blog as this ground-breaking, earth-shattering, axis-tilting, volcano-erupting, time-consuming endeavour lifts off.

See you in March!