Google+ Bookslingers Blog: Wherein Miss Maiar is a genius.

Wherein Miss Maiar is a genius.

Totally unrelated photo of twee cups

You will notice that here on the Bookslingers Blog (which I just got working yesterday), there has been a fabulous revamp. Feel free to bask in my genius, I don't mind. :)

At some point in the very near future we hope to have the Reviews feed up and running, which will allow us to post a live feed of all recent reviews to the page of the same name on (Since you can't see it yet, you'll just have to trust me.) This is very exciting, as it will allow us to have new reviews show up on the main site without us actually having to post them there directly! \o/

Well, I think it's exciting, anyway.

You are totally alone on this. - Miss Corene

Three more weeks. Still fifty reviews to write.

...we can do this.

I think.