Google+ Bookslingers Blog: In Which a Single Book Combines all of Miss Corene's Favourite Things

In Which a Single Book Combines all of Miss Corene's Favourite Things

Miss Corene's List of Her Favourite Things reads pretty much like this:

1. Books
2. Cake
3. Dogs
3. Mysteries
4. Tom Hiddleston

So, when The Great Cake Mystery by Alexander McCall Smith arrived at the library I swooned. 3 out of 5 ain't bad.

Cake + Mystery = Awesomeness
A mystery about cake? A comfit corundum? A dessert difficulty about Precious Ramotwe from the No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency and the associated criminally single season television show?

Precious decides that she is going to be a detective and gets her first case when sweets start going missing from her school. The mystery is charming and full of important detective lessons like: "Don't accuse the first person with sticky hands because invariably you have half the book to go and you are going to look like an idiot." 

Matching dress to book that you're reading = Ultimate Librarian Points
Precious is a charming heroine that any kid can look up to and The Great Cake Mystery is a delightful confection of an early chapter book. McCall Smith sets you right into Precious's village in Botswana. His writing is like oatmeal with just the right amount of brown sugar and milk: Warm, comforting and you walk around all day feeling full and happy.

Sling this book at: The mini-Nancy Drew in your life