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Books I Bawled Through 2013 Edition: Still More Bawling

Always be a little kinder than necessary. 
- James M. Barrie
Believe the buzz. Wonder by R.J Palacio is the real deal.

August Pullman has never been to a real school. He's done plenty of other things: Like ride a bike and have birthday parties and grow a Jedi Padawan braid. But instead of spending his time in school with the rest of the kids his age, Auggie has been in hospitals.

Auggie has born with a rare genetic twist of fate that has left him with a facial deformity. Even after surgery after surgery after surgery, other kids in the playground see his and run away screaming. But this year, Auggie is going to a regular school for one of the most memorable fifth grades in kid lit.

But this isn't an issue book. It is a book about friendship and growing up and bullying and choosing what you want from life that is narrated by a boy happens to look different from everyone else. At its heart, it is funny, sincere story for everyone who has felt out of place.

I would be very surprised if Wonder doesn't appear on the ALA Youth Media Awards on January 28th  (READ: Raising an eyebrow at the computer shouting "Really? REALLY? Evaluate your life-choices, Newbery Selection Committee!").

Choose kind, Bookslingers. Choose kind.