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Your Morning Peruse

Good morning, you beautiful tropical fishes.
Via M.C Punky 1990
Possibly the most gorgeous bookstore out there. Cannot start planning my road trip there fast enough.

Speaking of which, anyone want to buy a bookstore on beautiful Vancouver Island with me? Might be slightly problematic when the owners start eating all the profits. 

* Sigh * Library goes bookless. Okay, I love technology in libraries. I think it's grand. In fact I wish that we could loan more technology - loaning ereaders is fantastic. Grand. Excellent stuff. But libraries don't need to be a binary: Books OR Technology. Ebooks OR Paper books. We can have both. There's always going to be an audience for both and libraries are so much more than books.

And this smacks of publicity stunt for the judge (!?!) who is designing it. He is quoted as saying: “If you want to get an idea what it looks like, go into an Apple store.” Is there any reason why they just wouldn't... Go to an Apple store?