Google+ Bookslingers Blog: OMG FLAVIA (Speaking from Among the Bones)

OMG FLAVIA (Speaking from Among the Bones)


I try to keep up, but as I am not, like Corene, immersed in an environment when the publication dates of all and sundry new tween and YA novels come flying constantly at my face, I often miss them entirely, even when they are awesome amazing incredible clever murder mystery books about genius chemist girl detectives like the most excellent Flavia De Lucie in Alan Bradley's new Speaking from Among the Bones.

This time, I was unaware until some weeks ago when I saw a girl on the SeaBus reading it, and immediately rushed out to buy it.

And then all the bookstores were closed, so the next day I tried to get it out of the library, but all the copies were checked out and I am too impatient for waitlists about 60% of the time.

So I bought it at a tiny local shop on Vancouver Island while visiting my mother.

BUT THE POINT IS I have read it, it's amazing, and guys, this post could be full of so many spoilers, but I'm going to restrain myself because this book is slated to be Book of the Week in our next podcast. Cut for maybe, sort of, vaguely, potentially spoilers.

It will interest you to know, however, that this story begins with grave robbing, proceeds through a fascinating tutorial-via-murder-investigation on the inner workings of church organs and ends with a twist that made me nearly fall off of a couch, shout "WHAT?" in a much louder voice than is perhaps appropriate in the work lunchroom, and then immediately email Corene ordering her to read it immediately because no one else understood my feelings.

Read this book immediately. But if you, like me, are prone to loud emotional outbursts when books punch you in the feelings, maybe save the last three pages until you're not in a public place.